Custom Creations


Design, setting, emotion.

Pashà tailor-made rugs are designed to meet the demand for items of a great variety of sizes at an extremely accessible price, yet unfailingly able to add a touch of class to chic, modern, interiors.
With this aim in mind, Hasan Pashamoglu founded Moret, a dedicated production facility based in Turkey.

Moret creates products to order, in which the care and attention deriving from a deeply rooted culture of weaving intertwine perfectly with a markedly contemporary approach to style.

Core factors

The four core factors behind Pashà’s Moret tailor-made rugs are:

  • Patterns and designs
    A catalogue is available of the models already produced, which illustrates possible changes or ideas that may then be developed further.

  • Colours
    In addition to the 180 base colours, Moret can also study and develop special single colours and mélange shades.

  • Sizes
    Moret Sartoriale rugs range from very small to enormous (right from 2 square metres up to the largest rug made to date, 102 square metres). Your space is our only limit.

  • Materials
    Our enormous collection of samples offers an endless variety of combinations and solutions: from Siverek wool, of Turkish origin, to mohair, from silk to top-quality hemp and the finest blended fabrics.

Production stages

All rugs bear the Moret Sartoriale quality mark. The Moret Sartoriale mark provides a guarantee that the production cycle ensures maximum speed of execution, efficiency and quality.

An in-depth analysis is conducted of the setting the rug is to go into: flooring, curtains/drapes, furnishings, overall style etc.
Following this preliminary analysis, advice and assistance is offered for the choice of materials and the most appropriate solutions.

A full graphic study of the project is conducted in order to modify existing models, create new projects or develop ideas put forward by the designer or customer.

The delivery date is specified when the order is confirmed. Customers can expect their rug to be delivered within an average of 90 days.

Moret rugs are produced on Moret’s workshop premises in Turkey. The production process is technologically upgraded on an ongoing basis. Our aim is to seek out only the very best materials and methods for work processes and dyeing, and in order to gurantee unique, one-off rugs, the handcrafting techniques we adopt for the knotting and finishing processes are also continually honed and perfected.

The rugs are laid by qualified, expert rug-layers, who then present customers with our quality and authenticity certification, together with full instructions regarding maintenance.


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