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Only Pashà gives you rugs that grow in value.

Thanks to its business structure, only Pashà can provide customers with expert services both before and after sales, designed to ensure your investment stands the test of time.

The difference between normal rug and the rug as a work of art? Pashà.

Consultancy Services
Pashà analyses the setting and the room/s to be furnished, and deploys its team of young interior designers and architects to look into solutions in keeping with the desired style and mood.

The life cycle of a rug may be very long indeed. To ensure durability, however, rugs must be handled appropriately and with loving care.
And once again, customers can rely on Pashà. Always.

- Washing
Let us consider just two examples. One rug is a recently manufactured product. The other is a very fine late nineteenth-century item. Of course, both must be handled very carefully. But the procedures differ totally.
Pashà can provide the correct washing procedures for all types of rug.

- Restoration
Pashà’s expert staff provide a full account of the work required and draw up precise, reliable estimates. Customers receive the information they require, transparently and in a timely manner. Our procedures ensure top-quality service for restoration and repair work of all kinds.

- Storage
Pashà’s customers may wish to leave their homes even for prolonged periods of time. Our exclusive rug storage service means they can do so with peace of mind.

- Collection and delivery
Pashà establishes collection and delivery times together with the customer and takes care of all aspects of handling and transport.

- Products for maintenance
Shampoos, brushes for day-to-day cleaning tasks, customised anti-slip mesh backing: Pashà offers a range of products designed specifically for correct rug maintenance.

Pashà - for refinement, elegance, top-class craftsmanship. Pashà rugs provide rooms and spaces - or film sets, photography studios, trade fair stands, or temporary office – with all the distinction and exclusive class customers could possibly desire. Hire arrangements are available even for short periods of time.
Pashà’s new hire service provides added value to our work, and to your events and image.

Pashà can assist customers in identifying and valuing of all kinds of rugs, whatever their origin, period, specific qualities and state of repair.
Hasan Pashamoglu works as an expert consultant for the law courts of Vicenza, and he has trained his team of professionals in the art of reliably valuing items, so your buying and selling operations will be in safe hands.

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