Because everything must start somewhere.

Back in the mid-seventies, Hasan Pashamoglu - of Turkish origin, and a rug merchant by family tradition – met his wife-to-be, Maddalena De Robertis, from Vicenza. It was the meeting of two marvellously complementary worlds and cultures.
Hasan and Maddalena, who share a love of oriental rugs, decided to open their first gallery together at the beginning of the Eighties.

The current Galleria Pashà, located right in the heart of Vicenza, opened its doors in 1990. The gallery, spread over three floors, soon became much more than just a sales outlet, and today is a centre for the spread of the culture of antique and contemporary rugs, a ‘beacon’ for all those who share Hasan and Maddalena’s knowledge and love of oriental rugs.

Hasan Pashamoglu’s travels, combined with his authentic treasure-hunter instinct, provide a growing range of sophisticated customers with the opportunity to admire veritable masterpieces and art multiples at the exhibitions dedicated to Kilim, Sumack, Anatolian rugs, Samarcand and China.

Over the last few years, Pashà has paid increasingly close attention to contemporary rugs. The creation of Moret – a structure dedicated to the production of luxury rugs that respond to today’s changing tastes - and theme exhibitions, such as the one dedicated to Mosaici and DOC (Design Original Carpet) rugs – are just the beginning of a business development project that is gathering momentum day by day.
Because everything must go somewhere.


Weaving new enchantments and antique dreams.

Pashà offers a fresh take on tradition, and, with its fine antique items, an opportunity to leave stereotypes and clichés behind. Pashà caters to the needs of true connoisseurs.
Pashà seeks out new concepts for those on the lookout for aesthetically and creatively gratifying experiences, elegance, and ‘bespoke’ rugs that appeal to the Italian sense of taste.
Pashà rugs – rugs for those who think outside the box.

A fresh surprise every time, in every rug.


"Things of beauty are rare. Things that are rare are hard to come by".

The rug as a work of art is a unique concentrate of experiences, expertise, history, sensitivity and artistry.
For over two decades, Pashà has been providing its discriminating customers with unique, enchanting opportunities to admire and to possess extremely valuable rugs that afford an inimiitably subtle touch of class to both the home and the workplace.

Pashà’s "hallmark quality" is... Quality! Quality is a concept that goes beyond the intrinsic value of a product. It extends to all the accessory services such as counselling on the most appropriate choice, trustworthy certification, and highly skilled, expert maintenance the customer can trust.
Direct dealings and a personal touch are ‘musts’ for customer satisfaction, which depends on teamwork and trust.

For more than two decades, Pashà has been exploring leading areas of production worldwide in order to respond to the evolving demands of contemporary furnishings and come up with innovative solutions to meet them.
The natural evolution Pashà has followed is rooted in constant research and development carried out in the fields of technology and production, and in ongoing dialogue with our customers. This is what allows us to provide consistently leading-edge products and services.

The world of artistic rugs is a fascinating one. It is world of variety, nuances and complexity, within which professional expertise is de rigueur, combined with a natural talent and the kind of know-how that can be acquired only over time, and through unrelenting dedication.
Pashà’s staff provide all this and more. The experience of the founders of the company is enhanced and enlivened by the commitment of talented young architects, stylists and designers.
Pashà people: added value.