Lanuch of the collection "MAGIC COLLECTION - Diego Chilo'" by Pashà-Moret

The Magic Collection by Vicenza architect and designer Diego Chilò follows up on Moret’s research into identification of the new frontiers of the contemporary carpet, seen as a bringer of ideas, universal dreams and poetry.


Diego Chilò brought Moret his experience as an industrial designer, encouraging research into innovative techniques and unusual finishes.

The result is Matrice, Impronta, Reale and Sistema, designs featuring bold symbolism combining yarns such as wool, viscose, pure silk and quality linen. A special metallic yarn in gold, silver and bronze versions identifies symbolic shapes and lights up the colours chosen by Diego Chilò, which range from various hues of grey to blue, burgundy red and black.


Magic Collection combines a new complexity of materials and colours, underlined by bas-relief effects created by altering the heights of different yarns.






In 2000 Hasan Pashamoglu founded Moret, the result of his entrepreneurial spirit and an expert international vision built up over more than thirty years working in the field of luxury goods and interior design. Moret is dedicated to the production of deluxe rugs aimed at satisfying the latest development in taste. Over the last decade, Moret has continued to develop, at times thanks to invaluable collaboration with leading international and Italian architects and interior designers.





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