Marta Marzotto 's world
Marta Marzotto, at Vincenzaoro Choice 2009, presents ‘Il mondo di Marta Marzotto’ – a whole world of creation of imaginative new forms, alongside the revival and recovery of the goldsmithing techniques of yesteryear.
For her necklaces, bracelets, eyewear, handbags and brooches, Marta opens up spicebox containing wealth of ingredients – variegated violets, rosebuds, roses in full bloom, fish, tigers, snakes, lakes in which frogs observe their reflection, palm trees swaying in the wind.


In keeping with the sophisticated style of Marta and Diamante Marzotto’s products, Pashà presents two carpets from its Moret “Canalgrande scena” collection, in two versions: white-black and black-white.