Custom Creations



Villa Pilotto - Vicenza
It was during the following century that the complex took on the appearance it has today, with the addition of lean-to structures, cellars and a more modest row of homes for sharecroppers.

Pashà produced the carpets for this residence together with ASA-Studio Albanese, which carefully selected the pattern elements and colours so they would blend smoothly with the restoration project for the building.

A solid-colour solution was selected for most of the carpets, with contrast provided by the very fine Siverek wool border, the pastel shades of which combine beautifully with the furnishing and tapestries. An exception to this approach is the minimalist-design carpet in the study (with a striped field and contrasting border). Here, the colours are bolder, ranging from the beige and black of the field and Bordeaux for the border. The colour scheme echoes the shades of the armchairs and the desk.

Light has a vital role to play in these environments, highlighting the material and bringing the wool to life by conferring upon it marvellously striking nuances and a ‘shimmering’ effect.