Custom Creations



Bonaguro Palace - Vicenza




Pashà’s rugs for this residence were produced together with ASA-Studio Albanese, which took care of the design, perfectly in keeping with the compositional and stylistic principles behind the restoration project for the building.

Four rugs were produced, for which only two colours were used. These colours were based on those of the existing tapestries and furnishings. The two rugs produced for the living rooms - one featuring an elegant light floral design on a dark brown background and the other featuring an original, modern, brown design repeated on a beige background – establish a dialogue with each other based on the positive/negative colour contrasts.
Between the two areas there is a wide corridor for which a minimalist, striped rug has been designed (again with the same two colours).

The study features a brown solid-colour rug with a narrow beige border. All the rugs are made from extremely pure Siverek wool.