Custom Creations



Golf Club - Asiago



In a place like the Asiago Golf Club where the pleasure of playing golf is joined with the pleasure of eating, relax and extreme comfort, Pashà emphasizes the harmony of shapes and colors with a project of four carpets designed specifically for each environment, from the entrance to the Club House and to the restaurant Longalaita.


The beautiful collection Happy Carpets designed by Aldo Cibic exclusively for Moret has been customized, after a careful analysis of each room by the Pasha and Moret staff, with particular combinations of materials and colors designed specifically for each area of ​​the Golf Club.


In the Hall has been inserted a particular version, for size and colors, of the model Party Zoo, with the field made of Premium Linen and design in Eleganza Yarn.


The warmth of the Clubhouse is highlighted by a refined Flora, with a green field made of Eleganza Yarn and design made of Premium Linen and Eleganza Yarn.


For the Longalaita Restaurant the colors of Flora and and Many Party Zoo carpets became more strong with the  contrast between the light field made of Eleganza Yarn and the colorful designs in Premium Linen to bestow character on an extremely bright and refined environment.