Custom Creations



Private Residence - Genève



An elegant private mansion of '700 along the lake of Geneve. The team Pasha was able to find the ideal solution for the main staircase and make a precious carpet for the master bedroom.


The three flights of stairs required a lane that was custom made and it was able to harmonize the different plans. Pashà with Moret has followed the process, from the initial creation of design to the final installation. For the field the customer has chosen the Elegance Yarn (wool, mohair and silk) and the Pure Silk to enhanced the organic design. For both materials we have developed a particular color, khaki, with different tones for each ramp so in order to brighten the basement stairs. Finally, the installation of the hallway carpet using in bronze on the marble and wooden ones.


The master-bedroom carpet has been made shaped to be received on existing wooden floor. Even in this case, every detail has been developed personally for this project . The design takes inspiration from the free refined Venetian fabric of the walls and the delicate fancy of the tents, recalling the colors and the intangibility. The colors have been developed exclusively for this creation. The result is a carpet 600 x 400 cm, with the bottom in Elegance Yarn and design in Silk, whose fleece was left particularly high for an effect of extreme softness to the touch.