Custom Creations



Private chalet - St. Moritz

A mountain retreat, white walls and a cosy natural wood floor, a space characterized by objects of great design that reflect a strong but playful spirit. This was the place in need of a rug, a piece able to find its place in a room with great character without overwhelming the existing armony.

The result is this rug, entitrely designed by Architect Peppino Roccio and his team at CD Centro Design Srl in Milan. The decennial experience of Hasan Pashamoglu and his team at MORET have been able to translate taste and creativity into a unique piece of high quality and craftmanship.

A sort of turning point has been the choice of the round form, a circle as the perfect and most harmonious shape, able to restore spaces and bind contents. The decision of using a felt yarn quite thick and with natural colour, able to maintain its various colour gradations. Different nuances have been used for as many types of knot, all diverse yet all dense and hearty, so joyful that following the lines and the intricate weaving becomes a kid’s game.

Each very detail has added up to a rug that would be cosy and familiar, like sitting in front of the fire after a snowy and winter day.