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Private residence B. - Vicenza




Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme (1780) is a particularly fine architectural work by Ottone Calderari (1730-1803), an admirer and follower of the sublime architect Andrea Palladio.

The rug, produced by Moret from a design by the architect Gastone Fioravanzo, blends perfectly into an architectonic context of such extraordinary beauty as this. Designed for a exceptionally richly decorated eighteenth-century reception room, the colours of the carpet take up the delicate hues present in the designs on the walls.

The two colours were the object of first-hand study by Hasan Pashamoglue and Gastone Fioravanzo and were produced expressly for this rug.
They interact with the two materials selected, creating delicate, sophisticated nuances. The ‘Filato Eleganza’  provides a woven field that blends almost seamlessly with its splendid setting. The extremely pure silk used for the border and frame (with a Greek fret motif) provides for a brilliantly luminous effect, further enhanced by the light flooding in through the room’s large windows.

The rug is very large (8 x 12.5 m). Indeed, it is one of the largest handcrafted rugs ever produced anywhere in the world. It was made at the Moret workshops in Turkey, where the twelve women engaged in the weaving took more than six months to produce the item.