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The spread of rugs weaving in India took place during the Moghul era. In the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the influence of Persian art was evident, with dense stylised floral adornments and floral motifs reproduced with great attention to detail.


During the nineteenth century, alongside the more valuable items - including large-size carpets - less skilfully knotted products began to appear, destined for export. Many items of this kind are still produced today. The structure is made of cotton, the knotting is asymmetrical, and the decorative motifs are inspired by the most markedly classic works of Persia.


The production of knotted carpets is not documented before the rise of the Moghul dynasty, in the late sixteenth century. At least until the latter half of the nineteenth century, prior to the gradual ‘commercialisation’ of production, the art of weaving, directly inspired by the Persian tradition, maintained truly impressive levels of refinement and technical and decorative skill.


Pashà’s collection brings together a stunning range of products reflecting a world of signs and patterns of the highest quality, which were the work of truly skilled craftsmen, thus offering connoisseurs the opportunity to view the impressively showcased products of a great country and to afford a new dimension to them.  


A love of detail, attention to nature, a wealth of nuances of colour, and perfect technique, with asymmetrical knotting of varying density depending on the demands posed by the design, on durable cotton backings: these are just some of the salient features of this range of products, so complex as to defy easy classification. The carpets of India and Pakistan - with Punjab, Kashmir, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Jaipur, Rajasthan, Masulipatam and Ellora as the major centres of production – feature a convergence and blend of differing styles and influences that come together to create a marked variety of products.