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When considering China it comes naturally to think of Cathay, the legendary land that appears in the stories of Marco Polo.


China is an immense, distant, mysterious land which, even today, reserves sensations able to surprise and move us. The sensations evoked by Chinese carpets lead us into new territory. Here, we are looking at different materials and colours and above all at a different culture, in which the functions ascribed to the carpet as an object are also diverse.


From the “pile saddle” of the nomadic tradition to the meditation and column rugs associated with Buddhist practices and the throne and ground rugs, the range of Chinese products is endless, with traits that are decidedly unique. Let us begin with the materials. Cotton has an important part to play here, replacing wool for the structure and thus requiring changes to the knots used, as well as the edging of the more striking patterns. And then we have the colours, which a marvellous array of blue, yellow and brilliant red nuances.


These carpets are designed with the more modern, flexible function of the furnishing accessory in mind. The ideogram-based symbolic content is enhanced by decorative and calligraphic repetition.


From the vast range of traditional Chinese products, Pashà has selected the ‘best of the best’, to offer customers a collection with an amazingly contemporary look and feel. While including very old and unique items, the collection speaks to us and to our own sensibility directly, as though by magic.


The carpets selected by Pashà, which come from northern China, Mongolia and Tibet, display extraordinarily impressive skill and technical refinement, appearing to be ‘written’ in an unfathomable yet fascinating language. These works tell us of a world which, even today, remains mysteriously ‘other-worldly’; and it may be just this that makes them so enchanting.

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